PIANO for Preschoolers! smiley
For a brain boost, start piano before the age of seven: Playing an instrument has  biggest  benefits when lessons start young!

Have you searched in vain for someone that will teach piano to your preschool child? Search no more! I am excited to be offering 'piano for preschoolers' at my studio.

And 'Yes', (contrary to what 95% of piano teachers will tell you) your young child really CAN learn valuable piano skills at this age! Research reveals & supports that music instruction - [in particular, piano] - in the PRESCHOOL years, has a profound impact on brain development and educational achievements later in life.

Piano Lessons Make Kids Smarter! http://www.concertpitchpiano.com/PianoLessonsNewsletter.html

Every activity, image, song, and story that is used to teach is designed with preschoolers in mind .These  one-on-one piano programs take preschool children with no musical experience on a magical journey where they acquire the piano skills, keyboard awareness, and rhythmic understanding they need for a successful future at the piano.

Sign up your preschooler today for piano lessons and start your child on an exciting musical journey!  This is much MORE than a piano lesson... :)  It's 30 minutes of weekly one-on-one PIANO FUN!        


Who would appreciate this method of teaching music to young children?

• Any parent who wants their younger children exposed to music.

• Any parent who is musically  challenged,  yet wants to expose their child to the wonders of making music.

EXTRA BENEFITS: Learning music will boost your child's ability to read; learning music rhythms will help with counting or math.

I believe it is important for a beginner to enjoy their first experience with music and not just concentrate on practicing the keyboard. 

PIANO Lessons = Brainpower!

We all know MUSIC helps the development of MATH and READING skills. But not many people know -based on recent research - students with music, [specifically PIANO in their preschool years], have more success in their later education. It is significant to note that the most dramatic results were achieved by children who had PIANO lessons. These children out-performed all other groups up to 80% higher scores than the non-musical children.

* PIANO instruction builds better brains!  :)